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Frequently Asked Questions

Click on the categories below to read the questions. Click the + sign next to the questions to read the answers.

Costs, Insurance and Medicare
Children, Family and Visitors
How Does MDVIP Work?

click to show    Are affiliated physicians employed by MDVIP?
click to show    What is the relationship between my doctor and MDVIP?
click to show    When was MDVIP founded and where is it located?
click to show    Where are MDVIP-affiliated practices located?

Costs, Insurance and Medicare
click to show    Is Medicare accepted?
click to show    How does my insurance work in an MDVIP-affiliated practice?
click to show    My insurance already provides for an annual physical. What is different
about the MDVIP exam?
click to show    Does my insurance cover the annual fee?
click to show    Do my corporate benefits cover the annual fee?
click to show    Do I have to pay the annual fee all at once?
click to show    Is the annual fee tax deductible?
click to show    Can I get a refund if I am not satisfied?

Children, Family and Visitors
click to show    Do I have to pay for my children?
click to show    I have family members who often visit me. Can my doctor see them
if needed?

How Does MDVIP Work?
click to show    What happens if more than 600 people want to join?
click to show    What happens when my doctor is away on vacation or otherwise
click to show    If I don’t join, what do I need to do?

click to show    How does this program work with specialists?

click to show    How do I use the Medical Centers of Excellence (MCE) program?
click to show    What happens after my visit to an MCE facility?
click to show    Is there an additional cost for the MCE program?
click to show    What facilities are in the MCE program?

Additional questions? Please call the MDVIP Patient Care Center at 1-866-696-3847, or use the "Submit Your Questions" button, on the right-hand side of this page, to email your questions to the MDVIP Patient Care Center.